■Terms and Conditions of User Registration
These terms and conditions shall apply those persons (hereinafter referred to as the Subscribers) wishing to register a subscriptionn to the email magazine distributed by Q-Games, Limited (hereinafter
referred to as Q-Games)

■Treatment of Personal Information
Q-Games shall use the email addresses of the Subscribers to distribute the mail magazine and also to contact the Subscibers with news/notifications from Q-Games.

■Cancellation of Registration/Subscription to the Mail Magazine
In the event that a Subscriber no longer wishes to receive the mail magazine, said Subscriber shall use the relevant form and send through their own email address which will cancel their registration.

■Cancellation of a Registration/Subscription by Q-Games
Q-Games reserves the right to cancel a registration in the event of one or more of the scenarios described below:

1. In the event that the mail magazine cannot reach its destination due to an email address is registered in error, or an email address is no longer in use,
or the inbox of an email address has exceeded its capacity
2.In the event of a considerable impediment preventing the proper delivery of the mail magazine due to denial of service by or mail rejection issues with
the mail server on the Subscribers side
3.In the event that a Subscriber transgresses the regulations pertaining to prohibited conduct as detailed below
4.In the event that the mail magazine is discontinued
5.In the event of any repeated inappropriate conduct on the part of the Subscriber

■Content of the Mail Magazine
In the event that a Subscriber uses some or all of the information from the mail magazine, the responsibility for any effect stemming from the use
of said information shall reside with the Subscriber.

■Prohibited Conduct
Any persons subscribing or wishing to subscribe to the mail magazine may not undertake the following:
1.Register another email address without the express permission of the person owning that email address.
2.Acquire a large number of email addresses in an unauthorized manner and register said email addresses as Subscribers.
3.Attempt to damage or disable Q-Games' systems in any way.

■Interruption of Service
Occasionally, Q-Games shall halt or interrupt the service, in whole or in part, in order to perform maintenance on its systems. Furthermore, the service may be
interrupted due to sudden emergencies, natural disasters, etc.

■Mail Magazine Disclaimer
Q-Games shall accept no responsibility for any losses or damage suffered by a Subscriber or any related persons due to
registering or cancelling a subscription to the mail magazine, or any of the scenarios detailed below:

1.Any losses or damages suffered by using information taken from the mail magazine
2.Any losses or damages suffered due to information not released to Subscribers for reasons not attributable to Q-Games
3.Any losses or damages suffered due to an 'Interruption of Service' as defined above
4.Any losses or damages suffered due to the non-distribution, non-delivery, late delivery or mistaken delivery of the
mail magazine, regardless of the reasons therein

■Revisions to these Terms and Conditions
Q-Games shall reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions and the provision of this service without any prior notification.

Supplementary Provision
These Mail Magazine Regulations shall apply from May 26th 2009
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